Spreading Ideas That Matter


About CCIR tHINK tank 

The CCIR Think Tank was established with the mission of promoting public intellectual life by connecting the public with the brightest minds in academia today.

We run four non-profit initiatives to this end. With the CCIR Fellowship, we fund early-career academics to do public intellectual work. This has allowed us to produce a number of public intellectual podcast series—which touch on topics that include everything from the philosophy of film to 21st-century body politics—which we share with the general public for free. 


The target audience of the Re:think essay competition and the Public Lecture Initiative, on the other hand, is more specific. These two initiatives are intended to promote critical intellectual engagement among high schoolers. With Re:think, we invite high schoolers around the world to reflect and write on issues of current social relevance, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. With the Public Lecture Initiative, we bring our partnered Oxbridge lecturers to high schools around the world to do synchronous online lectures and discussions on issues at the cutting-edge of their academic research.  

Supporting Researchers 

The CCIR Fellowship gives early career researchers the opportunity to share their ideas and make a real impact on the public. 

Sharing Knowledge 

With our podcasts, we aim to connect academic research with the real world, inviting established academics and rising stars to share their newest research projects with the public. 

Inspiring Students

The Re:think essay competition and our Public Lecture Initiative inspire highschoolers to engage with intellectual life by connecting them with the leading academics of today.