CCIR's Public Lecture Project

Public lectures

by Oxbridge professors,

at your highschool. 

CCIR Think Tank’s overarching mission is to increase the public accessibility of academic knowledge. To this end, we have launched a number of initiatives, including the CCIR fellowships and the CCIR podcast series. 


To ramify our efforts on this front, we have decided to launch a public lecture series with our partnered Oxbridge faculty in collaboration with high schools around the world. Our faculty hail from a wide array of disciplines and they are all leaders of their fields, working at the cutting edge of academic research. 


The aim of this initiative is to connect the leading scholars with the brightest young minds of today—to thus disseminate academic knowledge, inspire public discourse and debate, and to cultivate and spark the intellectual passions of our next generation of thinkers and citizens. 

As this is a non-profit initiative, our lectures will be provided free of charge for your students. The lectures will be conducts online, via Zoom, and will be recorded and subsequently posted on CCIR's YouTube and Apple Podcast page.  

​If you would like to consider including your school or university on our lecturing circuit, please schedule a meeting with our team using the Calendly portal, or email our outreach director, Oliver, at