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The Future of Nuclear Power: CCIR Interview with Professor Wade Allison

Nuclear power is controversial. Some people see nuclear energy as dangerous, unsafe, and a threat to the world we live in. Others, however, believe that nuclear energy can solve many environmental problems, and it is the answer to climate change. Professor Wade Allison considers that nuclear power can have many positive effects on humanity. CCIR invites Professor Wade Allison to share his view on nuclear energy. He also shares his experiences, and generously offers useful advice for students and early career researchers.

Professor Wade Allison is an emeritus professor of physics, emeritus fellow of Keble College at the University of Oxford. He is an experimental particle physicist with particular interests in electromagnetic radiation, particle and nuclear physics, and medical physics. He has a special interest in radiation, ultrasound and magnetic resonance, and in our understanding, or otherwise, of their safety. His book, Radiation and Reason: the Impact of Science on a Culture of Fear (2009), addresses misconceptions about radiation and nuclear energy.

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