Our Exceptional Alumni

CCIR has always prided itself on the students we enroll, and the work they are able to do with us—their stellar academic backgrounds, their curiosity, their passion, their steadfast commitment to intellectual excellence. It should be no surprise that our students then leave CCIR to go on to some of the best universities around the world—though even we were surprised when we learned of the detailed statistical backgrounds.

Below, you can find our Spring 2020-Spring 2021 alumni results, collected through student self-reporting and our online data collection. After some digging and some organizing, this is what we found:

Where are our alumni today?

42.9% of our US-applying Alumni are now going to one of the Top 10 US universities: Princeton, Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford, UChicago, UPenn, CalTech, Duke, Johns Hopkins, and Northwestern.

About 80% of our US-applying Alumni went to the Top 30 US Universities.

91.4 % of US-applying Alumni went to the Top 50 US Universities.

And 32.2% of All of our alumni are now going to one of the Top 10 QS-ranked universities: Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Imperial College, CalTech, ZTH Zurich, UCL, and UChicago.

What university are our graduates studying now?

Princeton, Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford, UChicago, UPenn, CalTech, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Cambridge, Oxford and Northwestern are among some of the big names that we kept seeing in our research.

Why are CCIR alumni landing their dream universities?

At the core, what we do at CCIR is help students who are curious and intellectually ambitious by giving them a unique opportunity to work with leading professors from Ivy League universities & Oxbridge. Our alumni in every case are thus pushed to conduct rigorous, original research projects in a highly structured and rigorous setting.

In addition to the invaluable networking that these opportunities provide, and the concrete deliverables such as a publication in top undergraduate and graduate conferences and journals that they offer, CCIR provides an experience that is ultimately designed to carefully cultivate our student’s intellectual development. Our aim, as always, is first and foremost to ignite our student’s intellectual passions, and help them build a solid foundation for their future careers—this, we believe, is ultimately what is catapulting them so effectively into their dream universities.

By undergoing these research projects, our alumni not only developed key research, writing, and practical skills, but they also developed rapidly as mature intellectuals in their own right. Again and again, we see our students become grow through our programmes, personally, professionally and intellectually, in incredible, hardly-foreseeable ways.

All this is of course a great point of pride for CCIR. Alumni from CCIR will go on to leading universities around the world, and from there, go on to achieve even greater things.