Jessy's research on the COVID narrative accepted by University of California graduate conference

Jessy is an alumnus of the 1-on-1 Research Mentorship programme, where she conducted her mentorship under the supervision of Dr McClelland from the Philosophy Department of the University of Cambridge.

Her paper “China's Use of a National War-Narrative and the Justification of Individual Sacrifice” has just recently been accepted to the conference Society Must Be Inoculated: Covid-19, Governance, Propaganda.

Society Must Be Inoculated: Covid-19, Governance, Propaganda is a conference that invites researchers from all to discuss the issues surrounding Covid-19, including governmentality and Covid-19, propaganda, media, and (dis)information about Covid-19, immunization and biopolitics, and other relevant areas.

Her paper focuses on how the motif of "national war" came to dominate the Covid-19 discourse in China. Using a Python web crawler to collect data from Weibo, Jesse interprets her data through the lens of the theory of imagined community, and argues that the narrative was used to justify individual sacrifice in the Chinese Covid-19 response.