Ishaan's Research Published at Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal

Ishaan Goswami is a student researcher in the 1-on-1 Research Mentorship programme, working under Dr Zarkan last summer. His research paper titled "A Bioinformatic Analysis of mecA Prevalence in Bacterial Species” has just been published in the Winter/Spring 2022 Issue of the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science.

In his research paper, "A Bioinformatic Analysis of mecA Prevalence in Bacterial Species", Ishaan aims to display the promising usage of bioinformatic tools in tackling antibiotic resistance by investigating the prevalence of mecA across bacterial species.

Moreover, Ishaan probed on exploring details about the structure and function of mecA protein via secondary databases. Doing this work, Ishaan helps improve the understanding of the characteristics and spread of mecA and therefore contributes to the efforts of combating MRSA.

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