Jul 22, 2021

CCIR is excited to annoince that  admissions for our Autumn/Winter round of Cambridge Future Scholar research programmes are officially open.

Our recent summer round admitted top students from 25+ countries with a highly competitive acceptance rate of around 30%, each chosen and admitted by the faculty mentor themselves.  For the Future Scholar of the Autumn/Winter round, taught by current faculty and researchers at Oxbridge and Harvard, we expanded our offering to 21 cutting-edge research courses and designed it to fit the busy schedules of high-achieving students.

You can find the prospectuses for all our programmes on the academy page, but here’s a brief overview of our offerings:

1. The Future Scholar Programme

Early Admission Deadline: October 9, 2021

Regular Admission Deadline: October 23, 2021

Programme Start Date: November 1, 2021

The Future Scholar Programme is our research-focused group courses for 2-5 students that span 13 weeks. For the Autumn/Winter round, we are rolling out 21 exciting new courses, including:

Quantum Computing

Machine Learning

Architectural Technology

Medical Neuroscience

Regenerative Neurobiology

Green Economics

Brain-Computer Interfaces


Classics and Politics

Particle Physics

Big Data

History of Britain




1. The 1-on-1 Mentorship Programme

Application deadline: rolling

Programme start-date: flexible

The 1-on-1 mentorship programme is our bespoke research programme designed for one student, one mentor, and one project. We have expanded our mentorship network to now also include faculty members from Ivy League universities in the US. 

As always, all applicants for CCIR Academy programmes will be automatically considered for merit scholarships when they apply.  In addition, eligible students are also able to apply for further merit-based financial aid. In the recent summer round, about 35% admitted students received some forms of the highly competitive merit scholarship.  For this upcoming season, we anticipate that about 45% of the admitted students will benefit from our scholarship.

Student Research Spotlights