Jun 9, 2021

In this lecture, hosted by the American College of Sofia, in Bulgaria, Dr. Tom McClelland (University of Cambridge) gives a lecture on the value of philosophy and its practical applications in the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence.  

This lecture is co-hosted by Oliver Yang from CCIR and Emily Allen, Highschool College Counselor at the American College of Sofia.  


About the CCIR Public Lecture Initiative

The aim of this initiative is to connect the leading scholars with the brightest young minds of today—to thus disseminate academic knowledge, inspire public discourse and debate, and to cultivate and spark the intellectual passions of our next generation of thinkers and citizens.   As this is a non-profit initiative, our lectures will be provided free of charge for your students. The lectures will be conducts online, via Zoom, and will be recorded and subsequently posted on CCIR's YouTube and Apple Podcast page. Learn more about the public lecture initiative here

Dr. Tom McClelland's Public Lecture