Jun 10, 2021
Podcasts, 21st Century Body Politics

"21st Century Body Politics" is a podcast supported by CCIR Think Tank that explores how society and politics influence the way people view their bodies and thus shape their practices. 

Ronja Griep, who is a PhD student at the University of Cambridge and a CCIR fellow, explores recent work on the politics and philosophy of bodily beauty of wellness with leading academics in philosophy, the social sciences, and beyond.  

In the third episode, Ronja and Professor Lisa Smyth talk about abortion, motherhood and social roles in the family, with a focus on the context of Ireland.   

TRIGGER WARNINGS: this podcast contains discussions related to abortion 

Host: Ronja Griep (CCIR Fellow, Gates Scholar, PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of Cambridge) 

Guest: Dr. Lisa Smyth Senior Lecturer at Queens University Belfast, School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

21st Century Body Politics