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Team of Student Consultants

Management consultancy for a fast-growing AI start-up,

led by Cambridge faculty

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Extended Application Deadline: 26 March, 2021

Programme Start Date: April 2021 (14 Weeks) 



Programme Highlights


  • Collaborate with a fast-growing Cambridge AI start-up as a consultant team

  • Conduct interviews with the company management and its clients

  • Identify industry challenges and unfulfilled areas

  • Publish a Whitepaper that provides unique industry insights

  • Led by the University of Cambridge faculty Dr McClelland

In the 14 weeks Programme, students will participate in: 

Lectures and Seminars

Weekly lectures and discussion-based seminars on the foundations of business, given by Cambridge lecturer Dr McClelland. These sessions will help students to think about business from a researcher’s perspective, identify problems and solutions, conduct effective research, etc.

Company Meetings and Interviews

As consultants, students will conduct routine meetings with the company’s founder and CEO, as well as its operations team. Students will enjoy unparalleled access to an AI start-up’s inner-workings.

Client Interview

Under the coordination of the company, the team will also schedule interviews with the company’s clients to better understand the industry landscape.


Through interviews and research sessions (totaling an additional 12 hours), the end product of the programme would be one intensive research-backed Whitepaper, which provides valuable data and insights for the food industry.




14 Weeks



3-7 Student Consultants

Group Size

Dr. McClelland


Lecturer, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge
Research Associate, Clare College, University of Cambridge
Co-organisor of the Mental Sciences Club seminar series, University of Cambridge

Associate Leader for UK professional development firm Outstanding Global


Philosophy of Business, Philosophy of Psychology, Metaphysics


PARTNERED START-UP platform is a state-of-the-art platform that gamifies the experience of logging information on food habits, dietary preferences, food allergies and health goals and then combines it using Machine Learning and the power of AI to provide hyper personalised and curated food recommendations to its users. is supported by Accelerate Cambridge at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.

The founder and CEO, Suyash Bhatt, has years of experience across software development to Food & Beverage sectors. He previously founded an Agritech company in India, where he was involved in social initiatives that helped in uplifting the local low-income group farming communities. Suyash holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge.      




Academically, the students will:

  • Have the option to request a detailed Letter of Recommendation penned by a Cambridge faculty.

  • Gain a deep understanding of business principles and ethics through lectures, discussion sessions, and one-on-one sessions with Dr McClelland.

  • Develop strong research, critical thinking, and writing skills.

  • Graduate with a Cambridge faculty signed Evaluation Report issued by the programme.

  • Publish a whitepaper for a fast-growing AI start-up, supervised by Cambridge faculty.

Furthermore, the programme would give students an irreplaceable head-start for their future business career.


To this end, the students will:

  • Learn how to engage and communicate effectively and clearly in a timely manner.

  • Learn first-hand the ins-and-outs of a fast-growing AI start-up.

  • Build a foundation of knowledge for success in future consulting and entrepreneurial roles.

  • Have the option to request a Letter of Recommendation penned by the CEO of the business.

  • Acquire essential consulting skills of interacting with clients, collecting and analyzing data, presenting and delivering results.




Application Deadline: 15 March, 2020

Programme Start Date: 20 March, 2020 (14 Weeks) 


DOWNLOAD Application Form at CCIR Academy Application Portal.

We’re looking for students with keen creative minds, entrepreneurial spirits, and strong teamwork and leadership skills – as well as strong academic backgrounds. Accordingly, we have implemented a two-round vetting system for our admissions process.



Application Form - Basic information, academic background, a short cover letter about why you’re applying to the programme.

Supporting Materials - Two-year transcript or scorecard, SAT Score Reports (if available), CV (highly recommended).



Applicants with strong academic backgrounds and strong capabilities will then be invited to interview for a position on the consultant team.

The Purpose — Get to know the student better and to evaluate whether the student will be an effective member of the consultant team.

Meeting Format — 30 Minute interview with Dr McClelland

During the interview, the student can expect:


  • Discussion of the student’s academic credential and relevant internship/ extra-curricular experience, as stated in the Application Form.

  • Discussion of interesting and open-ended questions relating to business ethics.



Download our 2021 Future Entrepreneur Programme Prospectus, which includes:

  • Detailed programme information

  • Syllabus Overview

  • Tuition Structure

  • Scholarship and Financial Aid

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