If you are a counsellor, work with us!

CCIR Academy prides itself on its high academic standards and rigorous admissions processes. Through our partnerships with elite counsellors, we are able to ensure that we can consistently admit students who are able to meet our academic standards. Our partnered counsellors and their students are able to enjoy a number of unique benefits with CCIR Academy.


These benefits include:

  • tailor-made information sessions

  • mutual promotion opportunities

  • public lectures by Oxbridge faculty

  • early admissions opportunities, and more

​If you would like to look into a potential partnership with us, or simply learn more about what a partnership will entail, please schedule a meeting with our team using the Calendly portal, or simply email our outreach director, Oliver, at oliver@cambridge-research.org.

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For Parents & Counselors

Passion must be discovered, and cultivated. At CCIR, our students discover, cultivate, and showcase their passions by embarking upon research projects under the personal tutelage of leading Oxbridge academics.

Showcasing our students' passion and brilliance through research.

Why do research with CCIR?
Personal and Intellectual Growth

Research not only allows students to gain a depth and breadth of knowledge that they can acquire in no other way, it also naturally cultivates invaluable skills and dispositions for students of discipline, organization, and curiosity. 

Mentorship with Oxbridge and Ivy League Faculty

A great mentor can be a powerful catalyst for growth in a young person’s life. All CCIR mentors are current Oxbridge and Ivy League researchers and professors. Our mentors are not only experts in their field but also passionate educators. In virtue of our small class sizes, our students and our mentors naturally develop close personal relationships, which lay the foundations for strong letters of reference. 

Journal Publication Guidance

Publishing requires know-how.  Our expert team will not only help your student transition from high school to academic writing, we will also actively assist them in getting their work published. 

A Unique Admisions Edge

Admissions at the top universities look essentially for two things: academic excellence and personal drive—and nothing showcases this quite like research. Research demonstrates not just academic excellence, but also determination, organization, and maturity. And the value of research is something admissions officers—as academics themselves—understand. 

A Network of Knowledge

CCIR’s commitment to rigorous academic standards means that our students find themselves working alongside other brilliant young minds. Our students hail from around the world; they are national IMO, IBO, and they are the next generation of scientists, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, activists, and leaders. (see our student profile).