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Our partnerships with top-echelon counsellors around the world have been absolutely foundational to the success of the CCIR Academy. 

CCIR Academy prides itself on its high academic standards and rigorous admissions processes. Through our partnerships with elite counsellor, we are able to ensure that we can consistently admit students who are able to meet our academic standards. To date, we have managed to cultivate a powerful network of over 2,000 counsellors around the world. 

Our partnered counsellors and their students are able to enjoy a number of unique benefits with CCIR Academy. These benefits include: 

  • tailor-made information sessions

  • mutual promotion and marketing opportunities

  • free public lectures by Oxbridge faculty

  • early admissions opportunities, and more.   

​If you would like to look into a potential partnership with us, or simply learn more about what a partnership will entail, please schedule a meeting with our team using the Calendly portal, or simply email our outreach director, Oliver, at