The CCIR Fellowship

A fellowship for public  inntellectual life 


Academics can often feel like they are in a trap of, as it were, talking among themselves. Though the issues that they work on are often of immense social relevance and significance, the impact of their work ends up being limited by the fact that it fails to reach a broader audience. 

The aim of this fellowship is to help ameliorate this situation. Our aim is to provide funding and support early-career academics (current or recently graduated PhDs) working on socially significant issues with public intellectual aspirations—to help them reach a broader audience and to actualize the intrinsic impact of  their work.  

our fELLOWS (2021-2022)

We are pleased to share that we have awarded fellowships to two inspired early-career academics from Cambridge—Ronja Griep (philosophy) and Dr. Hande Guzel (sociology). 

For her CCIR Fellowship, Ronja will be producing a podcast series on 21st-century body politics. Hande, likewise, will be producing a podcast and conducting an interview series on "Well-Being in Higher Education."

Ronja Griep is a Gates Scholar and a current Ph.D. candidate at the University of Cambridge working in feminist political philosophy.  For her CCIR fellowship, she will be leading an interview series on 21st Century Body Politics, where she will discuss the politics of bodily beauty and wellness with leading academics in philosophy, the social sciences, and beyond. 


CCIR Fellow

University of Cambridge

Hande is a Teaching Associate in Sociology at the University of Cambridge. She has earned her PhD from the same Department, where she researched re-virginisation practices in Turkey. For her CCIR Fellowship, she will focus on the well-being of students in higher education across topics such as mental health, racism, and gender.


CCIR Fellow

University of Cambridge

Apply to ccir fellowship

We are constantly on the lookout for early career researchers who passionate about their work and interested in bringing that work to greater public awareness. 

If you are interested in applying for the fellowship, please send an email to with a project proposal and a CV attached.


In the project proposal, please provide an abstract about the subject of the project and a short description of its format (e.g. interview, talk series, video essay, public reading/discussion group). We would love to hear about your ideas and explore our opportunities for collaboration. 


The CCIR Fellowship is intended to be maximally flexible with regards to both the subject and the format of the public education projects that our fellows undertake.


Depending on the scale and form of the project, we are committed to offering our admitted fellows with the necessary monetary, post-production as well as backend technical and logistical support for their projects.