Frequently Asked Questions
the Cambridge Future Scholar Programme

The Future Scholar Programme is an online 2-5 student research-focused programme taught by current teaching faculty members at the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and select Ivy League universities.  This summer we are offering 48 unique research courses in STEM, Business, Social Sciences, and the Humanities.

Explore your passions through a research course

Watch this video to learn more about the Future Scholar programme.

Programme Outcomes

A Semester's Worth of Teaching
13 weeks of lectures and supervision from Oxbridge or Ivy League faculty mentors and PhD TAs. Curricula mirroring first-year courses at the faculty mentors' universities.
An Independent Research Project
Complete an original independent research paper, supervised by an Oxbridge or Ivy League faculty mentor, with the aiming of publication at undergraduate or industry level journals..
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  • Programme structure
  • Research course catalogue
  • Mentor biographies
  • Tuition & Scholarship
Oxbridge Level Writing Centre

Our writing centre, staffed by Oxbridge students and alumni, is constantly on call to provide prompt feedback on your writing.

A Letter of Recommendation
The option to request a tailored letter penned by your Oxbridge or Ivy League faculty mentor.
A Signed Evaluation Report
From your Oxbridge or Ivy faculty mentor, issued by the programme, that highlights each student's performance throughout the programme.
Journal Publication Guidance

Publishing requires know-how.  Our expert team will not only help you transition from high school to academic writing, we will also actively assist you in getting your work published.  Our academic advisors actively maintain our database of publications so that we know how and where to best showcase your work.  We will help you avoid predatory academic forums and support you as you publish your work in legitimate journals and conferences.

Independent Ethics Review Committee

For research involving human subjects, an ERC review is often required to ensure the experiment adheres to research ethics. CCIR's independently-run ERC is led by Dr McClelland at the University of Cambridge. 

Programme Resources

Summer 2022 Research Course Overview

Each is designed and taught by current Oxbridge and Ivy League faculty.

For full professor mentor biographies and course descriptions, please download the latest prospectus.

48 unique research courses, carefully designed

Course Structure

Each 13-week research course is divided into two parts

Lecture Weeks (1 - 7)
Build up your foundation of knowledge

With support from your mentor and TAs, you will first gain a grounding in your field of research.  In addition to 1 hour of lecture a week from your mentor, you will also receive 1 hour of seminar discussion from your TA, and an 30 minute office hour on request.

Research Weeks (8 - 13)
Plan and execute your own research project

Beginning with a research and methodology session, you will then transition into self-directed work.  During this research phase of the course, your lecture sessions will become research workshops and your TA sessions will become writing sessions.

Programme Details

1 Hour

1 Hour

weekly session with PhD TA

30 minutes

weekly 1-on-1 Office Hour on request


correspondence and guidance from faculty mentor and CCIR Academics Team

weekly session with faculty mentor

2 to 5

admitted students per course


average faculty to student ratio


Acceptance rate for Summer 2022


How to Apply

Step 1: Read Course Prospectus

Download the course prospectus, explore the courses on offer, and carefully review the admissions process page.

Step 2: Submit Application Form

After deciding upon which course to apply for, complete and submit the required application form and documentation.

Step 3: Interview

Successful applicants will be invited to an interview with either the research course's faculty mentor, the Teaching Assistant, or a CCIR Academic Advisor.

During the 15 to 30 minute interview, we'll assess your background, interests, and your ability to think through problems in your field.

Pre-Application Deadline/ Official Admission Opens
1 Feb
Early Admission Deadline
Regular Admission Deadline
Programme Start Date
1 Mar
15 Mar
Late Mar/
Early Apr
Early June
1 June
1 May
1 Apr
1 Aug
1 Oct
15 Oct
Late Oct/
Early Nov

Admission Deadlines & Start Dates

Admission decisions will be made on a rolling basis.