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Schedule Intake Meeting

For applicants for the 1-on-1 Research Mentorship, please first schedule an 30-minute Intake Meeting with our Academic Coordinator. This will serve not only as a programme info session. As we get to know you and your intellectual aspirations, we are kicking off the course design process.

Submit Application Form

After deciding upon which to apply for, complete and submit the required application form and documentation.

Read Prospectus and Complete Application Form

Download the course prospectus for the Cambridge Future Scholar programme or 1-on-1 Research Mentorship, explore the programme details, and carefully review the admissions process page.

CCIR Academy’s Professor-Admission System

Instead of an operations team admitting and assigning students to each professor’s cohort or mentorship, at CCIR Academy, it’s the professors who make the final admission decision in each case. 


The CCIR Academics Team only conducts preliminary review and assists with admission logistics.  In the end, the professors will review, sometimes interview, and finally admit each student that they choose. Although this results often in smaller cohorts, this ensures that our professors are fully invested in each admitted student.


The CCIR Academics Team will review and shortlist applications in the pre-application pool first, early admission pool second, and lastly the regular admission pool.  The professor will review and admit students on a rolling basis. Because of the limited group size and professor’s availability, some research courses may close early before the next deadline.

Merit Scholarship and Need-based Financial Aid


Cambridge Future Scholar programme

Each Future Scholar applicant is automatically considered for one of the three CCIR Merit Scholarships (ranging from £200 to £500) based on funding availability, application materials, and interview assessment.  Should the student being awarded a CCIR Merit Scholarship, it will reflect on the student's offer letter.  


In the Summer round of 2021, about 35% of admitted students received some level of the merit scholarship.  In the Winter round of 2021, about 33% of admitted students received some level of the merit scholarship.


At CCIR, we are trying to make research opportunities accessible to as many students as possible.  In doing so, our first consideration is to award scholarships at different levels to as many students as possible.  Only after we are confident a good portion of our admitted students will receive a Merit Scholarship, we will proceed with using the remaining of our scholarship pool to provide Need-based Financial Aid to select students facing economic hardship.


CCIR Academy’s Financial Aid pool is limited and highly competitive.  Students who request less Financial Aid will be prioritized, so more students could benefit from the rest of the funding.  To request a Financial Aid form, please email financialaid@cambridge-research.org


Please submit your financial aid form (with supplements) and your application form (with attachments) together. Failure to do so may result in a delay in admission or your financial aid request declined. 

1-on-1 Research Mentorship programme

Every applicant for 1-on-1 Mentorship Programme is automatically considered for our CCIR Merit Scholarship based on funding availability, application materials, and interview assessment.

For the past rounds of 1-on-1 Research Mentorships, we were able to offer Merit Scholarships, on average covering 30% of the full tuition fee, for all admitted 1-on-1 students. Starting Spring 2022, additional Financial Aid options are no longer available for 1-on-1 Research Mentorships. Applicants who want to explore more financial assistance can continue to explore the Financial Aid options offered at the Cambridge Future Scholar programme.

Tips for Your Application Form and Interview

For the programme-specific admission process, please see the Admissions section on each programme page.  Detailed tuition structure is available on the prospectus.

Before you embark on your admission process to the CCIR Academy programmes, be sure to read through the prospectus and FAQ.

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