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Our team is what makes CCIR successful.

Working at the cutting edge of research and education, the CCIR team is a diverse and dynamic group of people who come from a wide range of disciplines, cultures, and backgrounds united by a commitment to promote the value and practice of academic research.

CCIR is always looking to collaborate with individuals, academics, and researchers who work on issues in the areas of our interests and who share our vision.

If you are interested in working with us, either as a part of the CCIR Academy or the CCIR Think Tank, please send an email to us at admin@cambridge-research.org. We would love to hear about your research and explore with you opportunities for collaboration. 

Managing Director
At CCIR, I coordinate with our Cambridge team to think like a business and propel our education venture forward. 
Before co-founding CCIR, I have years of experience working at several international law firms, where I focused my practice on helping high-profile corporate clients navigating regulatory risks in Mergers & Acquisitions deals.
Director of Outreach
I'm the marketing and communications director of CCIR, and I'm especially passionate about the work I get to do at CCIR Think Tank. Besides CCIR, I also happen to be a current PhD candidate in philosophy at Georgetown University. Previously, I obtained my MPhil degree at the University of Cambridge and my BA from Tufts.
Academic Coordinator
I hold an MPhil degree from the University of Cambridge. Before joining CCIR, I worked for Penguin Random House and later at Apple's Siri team.
Aside from work, I enjoy hanging out with my cat and reading Italian novels.
Director of Technology
I graduated from the University of Victoria (Sociology, Social Sciences). I'm currently enjoying myself in things that are interesting in and of themselves like programing and fiddling with things that I in fact don't know much about while I unilaterally thought I knew them perfectly.
Dr. Tom McClelland
Chair, Ethics Review Committee
Dr Tom McClelland is a lecturer in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge and a Director of Studies at Selwyn College Cambridge. His research covers a range of topics in philosophy of mind, psychology, metaphysics and ethics with a special focus on where these different areas meet.
About CCIR
Academic Advisors

Our academic advising team is composed of current Oxbridge PhD students who help our students envision their intellectual journeys and design their research experiences at the CCIR Academy

University of Cambridge
I'm a PhD student in Materials Science and Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge. My main interest lies in developing materials for biomedical research, particularly regenerative medicine. I studied Engineering at Monash University and Central South University as an undergrad. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, movies, and long walks.
University of Oxford
I am a DPhil candidate at Christ Church, Oxford, working on problems in the philosophy of logic. In particular, I am thinking about the semantics and logic of vague language.
University of Cambridge
I am doing a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge. My thesis is on understanding the rheology (flow behavior) of biological fluids by building frugal lab tools. When I am not doing my research, I like thinking about philosophy and poetry.
University of Cambridge
I am a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Economics, focusing on empirical and theoretical development economics, particularly social revolutions. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, watching movies and writing.
Our Mission

Cambridge Centre for International Research (CCIR) was founded by a group of Cambridge graduates with a definite understanding and vision of the transformative role of knowledge for society. ​


The epistemic resources being produced by the brightest minds in our finest academies possess transformative potential—but all too often, the social impact of these resources have been limited as a result of their inaccessibility.


Our mission is to build bridges between the leading researchers and scholars of our finest academies and the wider public—to increase social access to these transformative epistemic resources. In doing so, we hope to cultivate the next generation of citizens and thinkers who will, together, help build a brighter future.

CCIR Fellows

The CCIR Fellowship gives early career researchers the opportunity to share their ideas and make a real impact on the public.

Hande Guzel
University of Cambridge
Hande is a Teaching Associate in Sociology at the University of Cambridge. She has earned her PhD from the same Department, where she researched re-virginisation practices in Turkey. For her CCIR Fellowship, she will focus on the well-being of students in higher education across topics such as mental health, racism, and gender.
Ronja Griep
University of Cambridge
Ronja Griep is a Gates Scholar and a current Ph.D. candidate at the University of Cambridge working in feminist political philosophy.  For her CCIR fellowship, she will be leading an interview series on 21st Century Body Politics, where she will discuss the politics of bodily beauty and wellness with leading academics in philosophy, the social sciences, and beyond. 
Startup Advisors Council
Neutrocheck, Cambridge, UK

Neutrocheck developed an innovative device that helps to rapidly identify chemotherapy patients who are at risk of the life-threatening complication “neutropenic sepsis”, which takes tens of thousands of lives each year and costs healthcare systems tens of billions of dollars. 

Chai, Cambridge/London, UK

Chai is a Cambridge-based data science platform for building & deploying groundbreaking conversational AI. Users can chat with AI through the cross-platform app, inviting their friends & family to join in the conversation.

Contengo, Oxford, UK

Contengo, a fintech based in Oxford, provides a new generation of cloud computing solutions for professional services firms, particularly in Wealth Management, Legal and Accounting.

Genchi, Cambridge, UK

Genchi is a platform that allows students across universities with similar interests to meet and share ideas whilst working on projects in collaboration. Genchi is supported by Y Combinator Startup School, Royal Academy of Engineering, and the University of Cambridge.

Amazing Prospects, Cambridge, UK

As a Cambridge technology recruitment agency dedicated to the tech industry, Amazing Prospects has unique access to hundreds of top tech companies and VCs in the UK. 

Cypher, Oxford, UK

Cypher is a digital accountancy that developed a cutting-edge cloud-based solution for high-growth businesses in and around Oxford.

Organizational Partner