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The 1-on-1

Research Mentorship

Pairing high-achieving students with specific academic passionsn with top Cambridge and Oxford faculty

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one student,

one mentor,

one project.

A highly flexible mentorship programme that pairs students with Oxbridge faculty for individualized research projects.


The 1-on-1 Mentorship Programme gives students the opportunity to conduct research with a faculty member at the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford. In accordance with their academic interests, we match students with a mentor who is an expert in that area and design a learning experience uniquely suited to the student’s needs.

At the heart of this programme is the intimate working relationship between a student and their mentor. By utilizing CCIR’s unique network of Oxbridge faculty members, we are able to find every admitted student a mentor who is perfectly suited for student and their project.

As with all CCIR programmes, we are committed to maintaining the highest academic standards. Our partnered faculty members from Oxford and Cambridge have all been carefully selected for both research expertise and teaching experience. For the same reason, our highly selective admissions process utilizes a two-round vetting process.

The 1-on-1 Mentorship is a fully tailored-experience. Every aspect of this programme— from schedule, syllabus, course structure, course length, course components, to ultimate learning outcome—may be optimized so as to meet the specific needs and interests of the student for whom it is designed.

The result is a deeply engaging course tailor-made to the specific interests, needs, and aspirations of each and every student.


The student’s own ideas and academic passions are where we begin. Through a dynamic project design process, our Academic Team and the student’s mentor will then help the student design a unique research project.


The course can start whenever you want, in accordance to the schedule you need. Typically, mentorships run from 7-14 weeks, are focused on a single project, and contain a lecture component and a research component.


However, there is no need to do what is typical. Almost everything about the mentorship experience can be customized—from the schedule and length, to the course modules and the final learning outcome.



CCIR Academy reaches faculty members across most departments at Cambridge and Oxford. In the past, we have successfully offered courses and 1-on-1 mentorships around research topics in the following areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Business Management

  • International Relations

  • Political Economy

  • Architecture

  • Computer Vision

  • Machine Learning

  • Pure Mathematics

  • Biochemistry

  • Economics

  • Nuclear Physics

  • Sociology

  • Bioinformatics

  • European History

  • Philosophy

  • US History




Ultimately, the student’s learning experience for the 1-on-1 mentorship programme will culminate in a research project.

In most cases, the research project will take the format of a 4,000 to 10,000 word research paper intended either for publication in academic journals, or for submission in non-academic publications and competitions. For students interested in publication and submission, our Academic Team and mentors will together be able to provide the expertise needed to guide them through the process.

As noted, however, the format of the final project is itself customizable. In the past, we have had students who, instead of writing a research paper, produced creative final research projects, such as art portfolios, creative writing pieces, and films.
By the end of our programme, our students will have:


Supervised by an Oxbridge faculty member (equivalent to Assistant Professor or above in the US).

From your mentor, issued by the programme.


When opting to submit your final paper to publication journals, receive support from your mentor and Academic Team.


Option to request a letter penned by Oxbridge faculty you worked with.





Schedule an Intake Meeting with our Academic Coordinators or contact apply@cambridge-research.org


Before or after the applicant submit the Application materials, the applicant will need to schedule an 30-minute Intake Meeting with an Academic Coordinator.

The Purpose — Programme introduction, understand the student’s aspirations, and explore mentorship options.

Meeting Format — Our Academic Coordinator will go over the programme structure, logistics, tuition and scholarship, and other programme information with the application.


After discussing the applicant’s academic interest and interested research area(s), the Academic Coordinator may propose possible research project directions or even possible mentors to work with

SCHEDULE an Intake Meeting with our Academic Coordinators or contact apply@cambridge-research.org


Application Form - Basic information, academic background, 300-word essay about your academic aspirations.

Supporting Materials - Two-year transcript or scorecard, SAT Score Reports (if available), CV (highly recommended), relevant past work or projects (highly recommended).

Download Prospectus and Application Form



After an initial review, successful applicants will be invited to schedule a 30-minute Academic Interview with one of our Academic Advisors, who are current PhDs or Post-Docs at Cambridge and Oxford with expertise in the students' stated areas of academic interest.

The Purpose Discuss the student's academic background. Assess the student's intellectual flexibility, existing knowledge, reasoning skills, and communication skills under an individual supervision setting.

Interview Format The interview is in the style of an entrance interview at Cambridge and Oxford. During the interview, the student can expect:

  • Discussion of the student’s academic credential and relevant work, as stated in the Application Form.

  • Discussion of interesting and open-ended questions relating to the students’ stated areas — there is no wrong answer.




We utilize our unique network of Oxbridge researchers and faculty members to help them find a perfect mentor. The Application Form and Materials, the recording of the Intake Meeting, and the recording of the Academic Interview will constitute the Student’s Profile we deliver to matching Oxbridge faculties, who will make a final decision as to whether they want to take on the student.


Normally, the mentor search process takes one to two weeks.


Once completed, we will send the student an email that includes the details of the mentor, an offer letter, and scholarship details (if applicable).

Once the student accepts, we will then arrange an 30-minute Introductory Meeting between the student and the mentor, where the students and their mentors will get to know each other and finalize the direction of the student’s research project.







Download our 1-on-1 Research Mentorship Programme Prospectus, which includes:

  • Detailed programme information

  • Application Process

  • Mentors Spotlights

  • Tuition Structure

  • Scholarship and Financial Aid

Any questions?

Schedule a meeting with our Academic Coordinators.